Posted by: tiannarachellewaite | October 26, 2015

Hybrid Audiences of YouTube

In the second chapter of Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in A Networked Culture, there is discussion on how YouTube audiences  consumed content in the last few years. One area of consumption that was noted, which I would like to expand on, is the use of YouTube in the classroom. I have been in college for the past eight years consecutively, and I have noticed a trend of using YouTube as a teaching and learning tool in the college courses I have taken—across all disciplines.


Personally, I appreciate this trend. I believe this spices up the ordinary classroom discussion and allows for more perspective on different topics.

At the graduate level, the requirements for students to teach fundamental principles to their classmates—in the student-led curriculum style—I find myself also turning to YouTube to help explain different ideas. Multimedia style videos grab attention far better than I ever could, which allows for the information to permeate in ways I could never manage on my own.

YouTube can be used as a tool in the learning environment in an effective way, however, just as in any type of media, it’s always important to check the validity of the source.

What could be some downsides to using YouTube as a teaching tool? Can teachers use this tool too much?

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