Posted by: MikeP | October 12, 2015

Using the Hierarchy Model to Examine (my own) Bias

In the latest readings we revisit the concept of framing and agenda setting using the Hierarchy of Influences model as a reference point for thinking about bias.

I’ve always been inclined to try to avoid bias, but I realized during the reading that I seek out agendas and frames and journalism from social systems, institutions and organizations that I approve of – all the time. And I’m okay with that.

When it comes to news or media that help to explain the world, for example, I don’t trust reporting that is based upon rampant conjecture and supposition (like you might get with Alex Jones). I don’t appreciate media coverage that frames politics through a religious bias. In the case of – I don’t trust media that is allegedly financed by Putin’s government.

Basically, I’m biased to seek out media coverage by the most intelligent experts I can find; policy experts; professional sources. I appreciate grammar and spelling and a high level of professionalism.

This level of expectation makes me inclined to discredit a lot of other media sources that exist in America – from religious media coverage to basement bloggers and self-anointed “muckrakers.” Why can’t Vladimir Putin finance some amazing journalism?

What are some of the biases and agendas you feel are acceptable?


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