Posted by: Nash | October 12, 2015

The Two Worlds: Old and New

How can we put a stop to media’s mind games? But then again, is media really the one to blame or is it our society that keeps putting high expectations to how someone should look like, speak, dress, work, etc.?

When I look through social media, TV, and advertisements I see this perfect looking person, living a perfectly beautiful life, while I’m worrying about how my next day will be and overthinking my life decisions. How can this be possible? Why am I being affected in this way? Why is it that if I don’t follow the latest trends, look and act in a certain way, I am labeled as strange person, or out-of-fashion or many other things.

Second is the virtual world. It is so strange, that in a virtual world those stereotypes and perfectionism still follows. It’s strange that a person wouldn’t try to be more relaxed on how their body image would look like, instead they would want to be the ‘sexy’ version that the real world has created. Yet, what is the virtual world really for? Is it a world that we create for ourselves, because the one we live in doesn’t appreciate us or is it a world that we create to be capable of doing things that we can’t do in real life?

These series of videos show a different aspect of the virtual world, as people know of it.

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