Posted by: tamgalcook | October 12, 2015

Blogger vs Journalist…Influence Factor

As I dove into the chapters I kept coming back to what is journalism? Is blogging a form of journalism because I’m producing something to read or is it another form of influence in the complex world of media? My mind started to question and wonder. I discovered as I researched definitions from various sources I found that this was my overall favorite on journalism is this:

Journalism is gathering, processing, and dissemination of news, and information related to news, to an audience. The word applies to the method of inquiring for news, the literary style which is used to disseminate it, and the activity (professional or not) of journalism.

I will be honest, I have never blogged but I consider myself a journalist, researcher and storyteller.  I realized the hierarchal model from “Mediating the Message in the 21st Century” begins with the journalist or individual—me. Keeping that in mind, I really want to keep you entertained, so I called for advice from an editor friend. I listened and realized I was easily influenced by him and educated on the world of blogging from a journalist. One fun read is Influence and how it is received often is based on the relationships with the messenger or the trust factor. Who influences you? Who do you trust the blogger or journalist?

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