Posted by: listonjoe | October 25, 2014

The Avengers and User Engagement

I had been thinking about our previous reading assignment in “Spreadable Media,” in particular the complicated ‘Web 2.0’ relationship between corporate properties and engaged users who creatively remix videos and trailers. Then, like a bolt of lightning from Thor’s hammer, this romantically remixed ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer blasted onto my screen.

How will Marvel/Disney react to this? Will they allow it to remain online? How will Celine Dion’s record company, Epic/Sony react, if at all. Perhaps they will realize that it will “…increase emotional investment in properties through respecting and recognizing the contributions fans make to the value of stories.” (Spreadable Media, page 61).

Personally, I think that media companies should embrace the audiences that spend the time to help them promote their properties. Yes, I understand that an Avengers movie hardly needs additional promotion, but it’s a win-win all around. You have users passionate about your ‘media text’ who are marketing for you. While it is possible that a youtube user can see some minor payback depending on how popular the video is, for example, it likely dwarfs the profits you’ll see as a corporation.

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