Posted by: craigmetke | October 23, 2014

Bite Sized Media

Spreadable Media by Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green states that “the spread of [media] demonstrates how content not designed to circulate beyond a contained market or timed for rapid global distribution can gain much greater visibility than ever before […] while television networks and production companies struggle to keep up with such unexpected, rapidly escalating demand. (pg. 1)”

Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and a variety of other late-night talk-show entertainers have caught on to this idea of repackaging full-length broadcast media into bite-sized segments. Consumers are able to digest any number of current and past interviews, contests and special reports without being required to sit through the original broadcast in its entirety. As content is no longer a focal point in a system where audiences are corralled into circulation platforms, audiences are free to generate conversations by easily sharing media across networks.

The authors continue to note that “for mass audiences, broadcast, cable and satellite television still dominate and network content will continue to feed these streams. And I suspect that for many audiences, network content – new or old – still drives users to YouTube, and amateur content is discovered along the way.”

What I find interesting, if not ironic, are the broadcast clip shows such as Tosh.0 or Ridiculousness. Production-heavy cable and satellite programs take the idea of American Home Videos into the 21st century by simply repackaging content already found online, which is then segmented into bite-sized clips and re-shared on the original platforms from which its content originated.

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