Posted by: stephanieessin | October 16, 2014

Individualization in the Media

Who are the creators of media? According to Reese and Shoemaker, this question is asked at the center of the Hierarchy of Influences Model —the individual. In media, we see that the individual “news personality” is getting attention more now than ever. Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck were both used as examples of celebrity status journalists in Chapter 8. People become infatuated with their personal values and beliefs and tend to become less interested in the topic at hand. You can see this when high profile journalists write books about themselves to capitalize on their success.

The individual’s background not only interplays with the content produced, it is now the focal point. I understand this as when people no longer find their personal identity in the jobs they do (“I am a journalist”), they find it in what they are or see themselves as (“I inform the public”).

Because of this rise in individualization, will traditional journalistic practices (unbiased news reporting) diminish? If the presence of the individual is to be involved in journalism in the first place, will there ever be 100% unbiased, fair and accurate journalism?

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