Posted by: reddingrob | October 16, 2014

Established media brands fight for relevance

Chapter six of Mediating the Message focuses on the organization level of the hierarchy of influence. What I find interesting is how quickly new media becomes a trusted source. I know that I read Buzzfeed more often than AP, and Buzzfeed was only launched in 2006. As the price of technology continues to fall, news outlets such as Buzzfed, Vox, and Vice News can compete with household names like The Washington Post and CBS News. Regarding Vice News, Just today, the editor of BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat told the Guardian that “They have definitely taught us something and the BBC across the board is learning from that.” She also says points out that you can upload a video to Youtube in five seconds but it takes five hours to upload video on the BBC platform.

Long established media companies have to spend millions retooling their web presence and adding apps, while Ezra Klien can start Vox with far less investment. New companies can be more agile in making decisions and deciding what platforms to use, while established brands have name recognition. When anyone can be a citizen journalist, are established brands still relevant?

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