Posted by: eldrickbone | October 15, 2014

Hierarchical Levels of Subsystems of Social Systems: A News Perspective

When considering that Social Systems are the base of the hierarchy of influence of mass communication and that those social systems have subsystems to them, I pondered if those subsystems have a hierarchical order to them as well?

The Subsystems mentioned in the book, in no particular order it seems, are Ideological, Cultural, Political and Economic. The base of the subsystems has to be the ideology subsystem that has been developed, replaced, altered and redefined since mass communication has been researched from a sociological standpoint. It serves as the belief system that determines how an individual and/or institution decides what is a message they want to communicate and how they mold it..

What comes next is up for discussion, because different countries go about the supplementation of news in different ways, hence why the next most influential subsystem is the Political subsystem. The agenda setting behind an institution’s “betterment” can be read on the internet freely or filtered. 

Following what is next is the Cultural subsystem. It can be defined by the question “what do we want our audience to do with this information?” From entertainment film to brochure in a doctor’s office, every piece or mass produced information has the intention for the audience to the least feel something about what they have seen, heard or read.

And then lastly is the economic subsystem, which defines itself and might come as a shock especially when you consider how much CNN makes. Its an effect of news, not a cause.

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