Posted by: lindsaym88 | October 9, 2014

With Great Content Comes Great Responsibility

Media has found its way into my hands from the first moment I wake up, and is often there right before I go to sleep. It’s in the music I listen to, the television I watch, it’s on my commute to work, it’s even at work.

I understand media to be a vessel through which information travels; information with a strategic purpose. This purpose can reflect entertainment, education, marketing, the spread of ideas, etc. Media manifests digitally or in print. That menu you’re looking at? That font? Those items? That is an ad, a promotion. Its purpose is to compel a selection. It was designed, written, and edited with a brand in mind and a product to sell.
I think it is valuable to look at this constant flow of information we are subjected to with a critical eye. It’s interesting to consider who is attempting to reach us, what they are saying, how are they saying it, and why. Being passive with media is limiting and actually, many could argue, prohibits you from being fully in control and cognizant of your choices.
We are fortunate in the US that we have largely untampered access to information. I think we owe it to ourselves to pay attention to what it is, exactly, that we are absorbing rather than taking it for granted. I’d also like to reference the current fight going on in Hong Kong for just this very right.

Time Article: The Voice of a Generation


  1. I’d leave a quote of my favorite part but it’d end up being the entire post.

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