Posted by: Emily Priebe | May 29, 2014

The Surprising Qualitative Side of Web Analytics

Google Analytics is one of my secret weapons when it comes to creating content. Given that the platform is heavily numbers based, this may seem surprising. However, there are a wealth of qualitative opportunities available. One of the best avenues available is the list of keywords that Google keeps track of. This list displays terms that people have searched on to find your site, helping give you a better idea of what kinds of information people are really looking for.

When planning out content, I like to pull this list and look for patterns. Is there a question in here that site visitors are hoping is answered by the content on your site? Is there an opportunity to create content to answer that question? From that list you can start to really identify the strenghs, opportunities and weaknesses of your own content. There are even tools that can help you identify which terms your competitors are performing well on or aren’t addressing at all.

It isn’t a perfect science by any means, but it’s an easy way to perform a content assessment that can help you target your offerings to site visitors.


  1. A lot of the information that is given is meant to be taken without judgement. It is just information and fact. Just like the information Google Analytics reports, the thing that asses whether something is good or bad for us (or business) is our own personal judgment that we have cultivated throughout our life time. I think it is interesting the way we treat information about information from the almost inevitable media we encounter.

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