Posted by: lorihowell | April 26, 2014

When Should You Engage Stakeholders?


Please review the following readings, assigned by Donna, and consider when and how to engage stakeholders in your work:

  • Weber, J. , & Marley, K. (2012). In search of stakeholder salience: Exploring corporate social and sustainability reports. Business & Society, 51(4), 626-649.
  • Stakeholder Analysis on Mindtools


Melissa De Lyser and I will lead a discussion of stakeholder analysis during the strategic communication discussion on May 1, covering:

  • History
  • Schools of thought
  • When and how to engage

In preparation for this discussion, please think about how stakeholder analysis has impacted your work–in your current or a past position. Have you been involved in gathering data? Has the data driven your planning? Are you one of the many not privy to stakeholder research to inform your work?


Depending on the audience, consider how you’d go about the process of identifying stakeholders and gathering the data to inform your strategies. With the information at your fingertips, you’ll need to organize and share it, in order to put it to good use.

Stay tuned.

We look forward to a robust discussion–when we hear from you and share what we’ve found in the literature–on May 1.


Stakeholders at Work — Image courtesy of Eforic Services, Creative Commons

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