Posted by: Emily Priebe | November 25, 2013

Beyond the Résumé

As marketers and professional communicators, we often face an increasingly competitive job market. So what can we do to rise to the top of the résumé pile? In our field that often involves getting creative and thinking outside of the box. Here are three ways to market yourself when you’re on the job hunt:

1. Share content. Many of us are used to sharing content in a professional context through a variety of social media channels, but when we use our own personal social media profiles to share content, that action can have immense value. Sharing content helps demonstrate that you know your industry, you think about trends, and that you know the big players in the industry.

2. Play with form. Who says you have to stick to the standard résumé format? We all spend our professional lives trying to drum up ways to market our companies creatively. Why not do the same for ourselves? I’ve been playing around with a tool called Vizify, which allows you to visually represent many parts of your education and career history and pulls in information from your social media channels. This allows a potential employer to interact and engage with your experience.

3. Arm yourself with examples. Whenever I am on an interview I make sure to bring my iPad. This allows me to show an interviewer previous examples of work and walk them through a predetermined path on websites I’ve worked on.


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