Posted by: B. Scott Anderson | November 11, 2013

Getting to know external audiences

Mike Plett and I are presenting this week about external audiences. These types of audiences are important for a variety of reasons because they can affect a company’s bottom line, reputation and longevity among other areas. But external audiences are more than just customers who purchase products or use services. There is a wide variety of external audiences of which organizations must be aware.

We’re going to look at what external audiences are, how persuasion theory and resource dependence theory factor in, along with how narratives can be useful for organizations. We’ll also discuss the two readings that were assigned to show how external audiences affect organizations.

Here are three questions to think about for Monday’s class:

  • What value is there in defining and segmenting stakeholders into categories such as internal and external?
  • How can we apply the dimensions of perceived realism to craft more effective narratives?
  • What are the benefits of a proactive approach to external audiences versus a reactive (defensive) approach with external audiences?


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