Posted by: lindseynewkirk | October 21, 2013

Strategic and Off the Cuff Alignments in Diversity

At first glance, the initial frameworks presented in the readings felt practically unworthy of mention due to their obviousness as a component in business structure.  However, as I progressed through the many considerations that management must evaluate in their development and operations processes across the many layers of functions, the aggregate intricacies soon presented quite a complex system. 

One of the most intense layers that I think a business has to consider is the topic of diversity.  If “business should be representative of the societies in which they exist”, that suggests that it must keep abreast of and assimilate to the social and political climate of such issues as culture, race, gender, sexuality, language and more.  Though I’m sure this has happened well throughout history, it’s interesting to see national and multinational brands making both strategic and off the cuff announcements declaring alignment with one side or another on sensitive diversity and other values based issues.  Even more interesting is the varying responses that they receive from members of their local and greater societies in which they do business.

What happens if a business and society clash on values specific diversity issue?  How do multinational organizations deal with being representative of societal values when they may be located in several different societal cultures, with varying values and also serve different markets, also with varying values?

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