Posted by: lindseynewkirk | October 14, 2013

Does Mission-Driven Communications and Organizational Identity Produce ROI?

The main idea I surmised from “Do Firms Practice What They Preach” is that the mission statement is about authenticity.  The companies that had stakeholder and social/environmental considerations already woven into the fabric of their business were the ones that represented their companies honestly and had the highest opportunities to achieve desired behaviors.  The article does leave in question if “accurate mission statements lead to a better reputation and therefore improved financial returns”.

The article “How Does Organizational Identification Form” doesn’t directly mention anything about financial returns, nor their specific mission statements, I deduce that for authentic mission driven businesses, the answer is yes.

As a result of both sensegiving as well as sensemaking, CSA customers found that their personal experiences and connections to food issues were enhanced beyond their relationship with the product.  Similarly the result of sensegiving as well as sensemaking, created a strong work culture that inspired positive behaviors and personal growth for employees outside of work and produced increased value for clients.

Aside from the environmental and social ROI, what are the possible financial ROI’s that could accompany these sensegiving efforts?

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