Posted by: kelliroesch | June 7, 2013

I like you in real life better!

Have you ever liked a friend in person, but find when you follow them on social media they are, how do we say this politely, different? They’re so different online that you wonder which is the real person, the electronic version or the human version? How about the friend who practically shouts  online how much they can’t wait for the day to be over while they are standing right next to you. What about the humble bragger that exclaims that they are being hit on all of the time and it’s #soannoying! Even though the elections are over, we can all probably recall at least one person on Social Media who vehemently opposed or supported one candidate, but in real life you wouldn’t hear a peep about it.

These and other twists of Social Media social encounters are featured on a video aptly named “I like you in real life (but not on the internet)” probably strikes a chord with anyone who knows someone whose Social Media life and their real life don’t quite match up.

Unfriending doesn’t always work, it’s likely they will notice and bring it up. Blocking doesn’t work because they’ll ask you if you saw their status update. You’re kinda stuck.

When  research catches up with the ever-changing Social Media platforms, it would be an interesting study to understand why people act so different online from the people they encounter on a regular basis.

Until then, enjoy the fifth “selfie” portrait of your co-worker today!

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