Posted by: karlcd | June 6, 2013

Data Mining

Three months ago Facebook added “Graph Search” to my Facebook account and I was so excited.   Facebook  hyped this search engine as a way to find any post from you or your friends, but after 5 minutes of trying to out I was very disappointed and have not used it since.

After thinking the amount of data generated on Facebook I began to understand how difficult it is to find that one thing you are looking for. That is when I started to appreciate Twitter. With Twitter’s hastags and public posts it is very easy to search for people, ideas, conversations and topics.  What makes searching Twitter easy is not the search engine, but the fact when people post to Twitter they are consciously thinking about how others are going to find their posts.  In order to try to get your post seen and re-Tweeted you include names with the @ symbol  or use a hastag such as #uomsc.

In the past I have expected that Google, Yahoo or Bing would be able to find what I am searching for, but now that I am starting to create data for the web I realize it is my responsibility to make sure this new data can be easily found when people searching for it. So far i think of off to a good start. #datamining

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