Posted by: ARNoack | May 23, 2013

QR Code, Meet your Replacement: The VR Code

QR Codes are seemingly everywhere: in magazines, in television commercials, on business cards, and even on websites. When the technology first came out, people were very enthusiastic about the prospect of integrating the real world with online content. However, the design limitations inherent to ugly, pixelated QR Code images forced marketers to use other physical content linking methods. Television advertisers have started including onscreen prompts to open mobile apps, such as Shazaam or SoundHound, which decipher embedded audible cues to link users to additional content on their mobile devices. Still, this isn’t the most elegant solution. 

The most recent issue of Fast Company features 2013’s 100 Most Creative People in Business. Number 85 on the list is Grace Woo, founder of Pixels.IO, the company responsible for engineering the Video Response (VR) Code. VR Codes embedded in the invisible flickering of digital screens direct viewers to additional content. Programmers and designers can incorporate VR Codes into digital content, such as live TV shows and tablet magazine articles, without obtrusive icons or imagery. Until the technology catches on, content creators will have to clearly indicate their use of VR Codes, but Woo hopes that one day these new codes will be seamlessly incorporated into all digital media. 


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