Posted by: bburatti | April 15, 2013

Finding the patterns in communication


Language and visual communication can be effectively analyzed in crisis communication, news coverage and marketing.  Each is a distinct platform yet accepted research methods identify patterns useful in developing best practices. Scholarly research increases awareness of how news gathering choices impact the perception of global conflicts.

The detailed descriptions of methodology in each of the readings pointed out the importance of the researcher having extensive knowledge of the topic and prior research to develop distinct research questions and create the frames and themes.  Bias is thwarted by the use of independent coders, a vital component when analyzing partisan or controversial topics.

In the analysis of the BP press releases I found it interesting that within the parameters of the study the researchers declared BP’s press release communication a success. Throughout the disaster the ongoing poor performance of CEO Tony Hayward, the man who in the midst of loss of life and calamity complained, “I’d like my life back,” would lead many to judge BP’s total communication during that time a failure.  Communication pieces don’t stand alone.  This study showed the importance of recognizing the limitations of each research project and acknowledging what additional research would form further connections.


  1. Imagine how much worse it might have been for BP WITHOUT the impact of their press releases!

  2. I just saw a piece about some research that was just done on BP’s image. They’re still trying to crawl their way back up in the public’s perception. I give them credit for some very good image ads.

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