Posted by: miralbessed | November 26, 2012

21st Century Journalism: Influential or Influenced?

Throughout this term we have looked at many aspects of communication and discussed its pros and cons, as it has become an influential aspect of the 21st century life. We also pondered the role journalist play in this ever-evolving age of technology that provides us with many avenues of communication. The opinions and theories on this subject have been as diverse as the history of communication itself. As we wrap up the term, I can’t help but to wonder what kinds of conclusions can be drawn, if any, from the mountain of information we just consumed?

 For me, it comes down to personal awareness of media consumption and its implication on my progress. While it has been obvious that the introduction of technology to our daily lives has increased our efficiency, it has also limited our productivity encouraging the quantity over quality of our output. This realization is significant as it forces me to think about my role as a journalist of the 21st century. Do I want to give in to the demands of rapidly-approaching editor deadlines in favor of a less in-depth report, or do I challenge the status quo and take a deep dive into the ocean of information? Will I survive not conforming to the mainstream methods? Or is there simply a way to be in-depth and timely? I have more questions than answers at this point, but I guess it is a start.



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