Posted by: karlcd | November 19, 2012

Stay On Target

Nicholas Carr talks about how are brains have long term memory and short term working memory and the “depth of our intelligence” depends on our ability to transfer information from one to the other.   Many tasks that I enjoy do not require depth of intelligence but only the 2 to 4 thought elements that our short term memory can access.

I am only using my working memory when I am engrossed in a video game, writing a paper, winning a tennis match. I am having lots of fun and time flies.  But, when I am trying to transfer information from my long term memory to my working memory I end up loosing tennis matches, failing at work, not having fun and time stands still.

In the future with better access to all the worlds knowledge could we only use our working memory?   We will still need long term memory, but the better we become at accessing the internet the more we can run on just our short term working memory.

Do you enjoy yourself when you are engrossed in a single pursuit?



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