Posted by: miralbessed | November 19, 2012

Parallel park no more

Is the Internet only to blame for the evolution of our overloaded brains to a simpler entity?
I believe not. While I agree with the Web’s wealth of information overloading our brains and therefore shortening our attention span, there are many other technological advancements responsible for the loss of our intelligence. Let’s look at self-parking cars as an example.
Lexus LS 460 made its grand entrance in the US market in 2006 as the first car to parallel park itself. Its success has now prompted other makers to embrace this technology and we now have Ford Escape SUV, Toyota Prius and BMW 5-series with self-parking features as well. As if driving an automatic car wasn’t simple enough, the self-parking feature will now encourage us to lose our ability to park our already automatic vehicles. This is just one of the many examples  technology altering the way we used to live and therefore altering our brains. It is naive to put all the blame on the Web alone.
As Carr mentions at the end of The Shallows, we have to negotiate our gains an losses as we move forward. With technologies such as the above, I keep wondering what are we really gaining and where do we draw the line?

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