Posted by: delphine criscenzo | November 16, 2012

My Future with the Media

Sometimes I wonder if media is healthy for me. I do have the tendency to get hooked on TV show, checking my emails, updating my Facebook and more. Though I have only been on Facebook for a year, I have become addicted like most of us. I want people to like what I post and I love catching up on what my friends are doing. I have a busy life. I go to school full time, I work full time and I volunteer to my food co-op and at KBOO community radio station. Thankfully, I have my smart phone which helps me stay updated and allows me to listen to my favorite show, Democracy Now! But when do I reflect, contemplate, listen?

I am trying to become a creator of media. I have to keep updated on new multimedia technology and know what others in the field are doing. Do I really? Is watching, reading and listening to what other people do really a source of inspiration or am I simply going to end up coping something that has already be done? Could contemplating nature, reflecting of what makes me happy and devoting more time to meditation be more beneficial to my health, sanity and journalistic career? I like to think so. Carr convinced me! Since reading his book I have done some soul searching and have realized that my future with media had to be one of deep thinking, silence, time and compassion.

Can you create media content but not be connected to? Can you be a journalist without having access to the internet, TV or books?

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