Posted by: Shekhah | November 12, 2012

What the Books Are Doing to Our Brains!

Reading the first chapter of “The Shallow” is a relief. I have to admit I hate reading books. I hate what some books are doing to my brain. I feel they waste my time and energy; what can be said in one page needed a chapter!

But I’m not the only person who hates reading books at least not among Arab people.

Arab individual on average reads a quarter of a page a year compared to eleven books read by an American according to a report released this year by The Arab Thought Foundation’s Fikr . It also said that an average Arab child reads “six minutes” a year in comparison to 12,000 minutes his Western counterpart spends.

The report also said that the minimum average time that youth spend on the Internet is 365 hours a year.

These figures may be frightening to some but I think it’s a promising sign for good change through the use of the Internet as a resource to gain more knowledge and develop social interaction skills.

The Middle East has a high rank of internet and smartphone usage.

The Arab Spring would not have happened if that fact wasn’t noticed. I can’t count how many books there that talk about the bad conditions and corruption in the Arab countries but none of those books were able to improve  anything.   The internet users, who haven’t read them, make that change.

Is there any book that was able to change people’s way of thinking in the past five years ?
Is social media the new books? 


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