Posted by: corrinebuchanan | November 4, 2012

A little privacy please…

The culture of celebrity seems to be taking over our society. Taking the perfect photo of a public figure leaving the grocery store, pumping gas, or if the photographer is really lucky, catching them in a compromising situation, can bring in major money. Whether they are a politician, award-winning actor, or even a reality star, they know that this comes with the job. They are now a public figure and might be subject to gossip, intrusive photographs and very little privacy all in the name on entertainment.

But what about their children? These kids did not ask to have famous parents; they did not ask to have photos taken of them at the park or walking home from school. Blogger and author Allie Hagan is earning a living off of her Tumblr turned into book, “Suri’s Burn Book” ( This blog and book is written in the made up voice of Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter) as she critiques and often makes fun of other “famous” children. Does this go to far? Suri and children like her did not ask to have famous parents. They are probably not actively trying to become public figures. For citizens, members of the media, and entrepreneurs this is a very gray area. Do they have the right to use  images of these children without consent for entertainment and profit? Is it reasonable for the kids and their families to seek privacy? Where does privacy end and celebrity begin?

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