Posted by: emmajoyce | October 21, 2012

Hey Girl

Anyone who’s remotely involved in online social words has most likely seen and/or heard about the Ryan Gosling memes like these:


It is interesting to analyze this trend on many levels concerning feminism and masculinity. First of all, women are “reclaiming” the title girl…while a girl by definition specifically refers to a prepubescent female, it is used in everyday language to label women.

Our text explains, “Working together, fan identification and media publicity function to mask or bridge the gap between the star and the audience, which also serves an ideological purpose” (p.428). These memes essentially create an ideal man: sensitive, understanding, sexual, and charming. Gosling becomes a blend of the dominant ideal of masculinity: “strength, toughness, attractiveness, heterosexuality, and whiteness” (p.371) and the compassionate companion who females desire to fulfill needs of comfort and love.

This postfeminist view means that women can embrace their sexuality, while not feeling exploited or objectified.

Personally, I think this is a breath of fresh air…a way for women to express things they want to hear in relationships, while at the same time being humorous. Do you think Internet fan creations like these help to address underlying social issues or do they perpetuate false fantasies?

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