Posted by: karlcd | October 19, 2012

Your Body is Your Business

My favorite team super hero movie this summer was Magic Mike.  It had everything a high budget comic book, super hero, action thriller movie needs.  Our hero’s super power is driving the ladies (and men) wild.  His kryptonite is turning 35.  All the big action scenes take place on a stage or in the bedroom, and when the going gets tough  our hero works hard and does the right thing.  He hangs up his thong, follows his dream and gets the girl!

Youth is fleeting and why not make the most of your physical attributes to cash in?  Whether you are using your body to make touchdowns, sell Victoria’s Secret, or hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  Your body can be your business.  Yes, someone else will also make a profit off you, the NFL, Limited Brands Inc. or Alfred A. Knopf.  But there is no company where revenue equals profits.

Anyone who has ever wanted to start their own business knows it takes a lot of hard work and a majority of business don’t make it.  It does not matter if your business is a food cart or singing or acting.  Starting a business takes luck, knowing the right people, selling yourself,  and lots of hard work.

Do beautiful actors work hard?

Are you envious of entrepreneurs, working for themselves?

Concussions affect the quality of football players lives are they fairly compensated?

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