Posted by: kelliroesch | October 8, 2012

Facebook Fakers = Communicating Ideological Values?

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg  announced recently that the social media site had reached one billion active users. With it’s nerdy beginnings in 2004, to it’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) in May 2012, to hitting one billion users in early October 2012, it looks like the it looks like this trend is unstoppable! Well, not so fast Mr. Z.

Apparently the  folks at The Joy of Tech have gotten to the bottom of the mystery of to whom all of those Facebook accounts belong. At least the Facebook Faker accounts anyway. 😉  See below.

On a more serious academic note, one could argue that Facebook Fakers  are communicating ideological values by creating accounts with a different  persona.

Let’s first establish the term Facebook Fakers to describe those who create fake Facebook accounts, for whatever reason. By maintaining the need to be present in the social community, but to also maintain their anonymity in their personal life or professional self, they do communicate their values. What those values are are negotiable.

Certainly their presence does not always reflect the reality of who they are and are not. But what does it reflect? What message do the Facebook Fakers send to those of us who are honest in the social world?

By the way, there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to ending the practice of secrecy so many seek, it’s called STOP Facebook Fakers.

A fun look at the why some Facebook accounts are fake. Completely scientific, no doubt!

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