Posted by: karlcd | October 8, 2012

A Picture Is Worth Twenty-five Hundred Words

Reading the semiotic analysis of the Hahn beer ad, I felt like a stranger in my own country. I thought someone was trying to tell me about my ideology, but the only information they could use was a Hahn beer ad. As a naturalized citizen of the beer drinking, male, 15 to 40 year-old world my unconscious consciousness was blissful. I could not find any ground breaking revelations about beer, beach or boobs. But by changing my view of the ad away from the cultural dominate ideology, and looking at how this ad represents a “patriarchic ideology….and gender, class, consumerism and age” it is very interesting.
While reading the semiotic analysis I kept on thinking of the saying “I can’t tell you what good music is, but I know it when I hear it”. As the implied reader of this ad I understand exactly what this ad is selling, but it does not mean that everyone will arrive at the same conclusion. As for good music? I now realize I can tell you what it is! But, unfortunately it is only in relationship to my ideology.

Does advertising targeted at you say anything about your ideology?
Does advertising you don’t see effect you?

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