Posted by: corrinebuchanan | October 1, 2012

The Great Debates

While reading about the structural organization of the media (p. 25), I could not help but think of the upcoming presidential debates that start this week. As we have seen in the past couple of months, the media has an incredible ability to make certain statement or gaffs from both candidates and running mates, constant headline news. Less attention is paid to their platforms and their past successes, and instead the negative comments and the verbal sparring are given the most air time.

Though it is important to see these aspects of the potential next President, as a voting citizen I want a clear understanding of both candidates and their platforms. The media seems to have moved away from helping citizens become informed and educated voters and instead focus on what they can do to continually drive ratings and increase viewership.

Is it even possible for today’s media to maintain an open, unbiased outlook and stray away from their standard ‘gatekeeping’ as they report on the debates? There is so much more to a candidate than a sound bite, and as voters we are hurt when the media does not share the whole story.

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