Posted by: karlcd | October 1, 2012

Media Makes a Society

Everyone is both a consumer and producer of media texts. Through sending and receiving texts common characteristics are formed. These communications create a society. Paid media professionals are the most successful and changing a society either on intentionally or not. Amateurs who create texts do so for fun, social change, or to learn a craft. Most people create texts out of necessity for work or personal life, but everyone creates texts. Texts may not change everyone’s habits, but they reach a percentage of a society whose opinion are not set, through their relating to the texts, society can change.
There are three main steps of communication; the source, the method of distribution and the audience. The same text can have different affects depending on the source, media, and audience. One example is Julie Powell’s blog, book and movie about cooking every recipe from The Art of French Cooking. She was the source for each work and each work affected an audience. But the media method was different and each reiteration of the material affected a larger and more diverse audience.
Societies are always changing. It may be fast change like the adaption of mobile phones/computers, or a slow change like the legalization/ illegalization of marijuana. But everyone communicates and anyone is able to affect society.

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