Posted by: slee3324 | June 6, 2012

Will Facebook die by 2020?

Ironfire Capital founder Eric Jackson is predicting that Facebook will see its demise by year 2020 as a result of the “continued emergence of the mobile web and Facebook’s struggle to adapt to that paradigm shift”. The argument is that Facebook is, in all reality, just a website and not a mobile app. The company also sees its ad-free mobile use of Facebook as a risk factor and will become more problematic for the success of the organization. Jackson views a new third generation of companies, whose sole goal is to leverage and monetize mobile users, as the subjugator of Facebook. He also predicts that Facebook will face the same challenges evolving in the mobile space that Google has had entering the social world.

So, what will this new third generation of mobile victors look like? And, how will other forms of technology, like the Kindle, adapt to these new social tools so they stay relevant to customer needs? And, the big question is, will Facebook ever die?

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