Posted by: dandelion4good | May 29, 2012

PR Proof & Persuasion

I’m linking to a PR advice article that I think provides a valuable synthesis of our entire coursework this term while addressing PR’s proverbial elephant:  Are we Worthy?

This article provides practical and thoughtful advice, even citing a study about PR influence in US companies.

The author makes four suggestions for PR managers to prove their worth: (And I’ve rated them)

1. Meet with senior managers to understand their priorities and concerns (Easy)

2. Break through the silos (Moderately Difficult to Difficult)

3. Measure results, not activity (Easier said than done!)

4. Develop organizational influence (Complex: Reread K&P)

I was surprised to find that results of the study contradict our last reading on persuasion. Maybe some aspects of persuasion are different depending on career and management structures within companies.



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