Posted by: carolbcarolb | May 14, 2012

Mayhem is everywhere — Allstate ad campaign

I really like the Allstate Insurance “Mayhem is Everywhere” ad campaign. The ads depict all kinds of carnage that could be caused by “Mayhem” in our lives. I think this campaign is clever, funny and memorable. All the ads end with the tagline: Dollar for Dollar, Nobody Protects you from mayhem like Allstate.

Mayhem is played by a male actor who personifies the possible pitfalls that could happen to us, like car collisions, trees falling, the roof of the house caving in from heavy snow, racoons in the attic, a deer jumping in front of the car, an upset teenager driving while texting, and many more. They use the bad guy character, Mayhem, to cause problems that the product being advertised solves. The ads are meant to make you think twice about your possible cut-rate insurance–are you really protected?

I think this campaign does a good job of making Allstate stand out in the competitive insurance field.

Here’s a few spots if you’d like to see:

Teenage Driver Mayhem

Jogger Mayhem

Motorcycle Test Driver Mayhem


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