Posted by: jessica | May 13, 2012

Favorite Campaign

Personally, I love the “End Petlessness” campaign by the Oregon Humane Society.  This has been one of my favorites.  Largely because, as we all know, I don’t have a TV, it is one of the ads that has consistently made “impressions” on me through billboards and radio spots.

I am currently skimming (really, when do we have the time to actually read something in graduate school?) a book called “Made to Stick”and it promotes a method for getting ideas to stick in the heads of an audience.  It recommends 6 principles: Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness (clarity), Credibility, Emotions, and Stories.  The Heath brothers suggest using these principles to get your ideas to stick, and I think it’s perfectly applicable to the “End Petlessness” campaign!

First it’s a simple slogan.  The pictures are simply done…not too much information.  Then it’s unexpected!  It always made me stop and think, “end homelessness”, no “end petlessness”, that’s creative.  It’s also very clear in text and with the images.  In addition, it is credibile.  We all know that studies have proven that pet’s can have a profound impact on our emotional health.  It certainly has an emotional appeal.  And last, every image in this campaign tells a story.  

I also like the new Paraguard campaign.  I think it’s to the point, visually appealing, targeted, informative, and tells a story!  I like it!

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