Posted by: slee3324 | April 23, 2012

Make research your top priority

Most of us, whether in our personal or business lives, have faced the following two questions:

Is it our top priority?

If so, how are we going to pay for it?

Often times, we face these two questions when dealing with important issues like whether to invest a large portion of your department’s budget in a website redesign or move your family across town to be in a better neighborhood. And, many of us have had to take a “best guess” approach at choosing the correct answer. And, not always have we been right.

However, when a decision is needed, it must be made. If the information needed to make the right decision is not available, it makes it extremely hard to be confident in reaching the right decision. This is where research is critical and where gut instinct can only go so far. When one is dealing with critical choices that have big consequences, it is research that helps to guide our decisions and diminish big risks.

Focus groups are a valuable tool for gathering qualitative data that can help any communicator make a more informed decision. Though, focus groups can be very expensive to conduct. I came across the attached article on “How to Conduct a Focus Group” by the Communications Executive Council which will hopefully provide a deeper insight to those considering research as a means to making better informed decisions.

CEC How to Conduct Focus Groups


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