Posted by: acecasanova | November 28, 2011

To you traditionalists…. Come OOONNNN!!!!

So as I’ve been working endlessly on gathering as much information about this week’s readings as possible, I snapped.  The massive amount of information on the web fried my brain and I shut down from information overload, or as I read in another blog, link fatigue.  Before I shut down I was captivated by the debate over the worth of the “Citizen Journalist” and the idea of “transparency is the new objectivity.”  As a recent blogger I have just one thing to say to traditional journalists; “COME OOONNNN!!!!”

Alright, so a lot of traditional journalists see the good in blogging.  The idea that bloggers are the “breaking news,” and in all reality realize that as a journalist, they can really gain from reading our short little stipends that, albeit could very well be rumored Facebok Fodder, is still none the less, an interesting story.  Now I understand that many blogs can be misleading Mr. Pressman.  I understand that media literacy is essential for us, the user, to weed out the good from the bad.  Yet to those who are resistant to the revolution, you should really find a way to  be our friend and befriend technology.  The internet is rapidly taking over your field buddy and if you don’t wake up and smell the fresh tweets then you’ll be left behind.


What are your “media literacy” criteria when you see a blog or a Facebook news post?

Were the 7 ways to thinking like a modern day journalist helpful to you in thinking critically about what you read?

Do you feel pictures help to create transparency or do we sometimes rely too much on pictures to tell the story?

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