Posted by: rovingrebel | November 26, 2011

Full Circle

When I started this class I was reminded that journalist are important to the greater society not because they tell their readers what to think, but because they:

  • “Tell people what to think about”
  • Provide context on the big issues

In the Internet age wherein we are constantly inundated with more information than anyone can possibly process or vet for themselves as credible and true in any given day skilled journalist should be seen as more valuable not less .

There is also the problem of quantity does not equal quality. Just because anyone can post a blog, comment on a news story, or happen to be in the place news is taking place doesn’t mean that person has the skills to ask the questions, provide a sense of the larger context, and write a well-written article that is spelled correctly and  grammatically correct.  Being a writer and a journalist is a real skill set deserving of recognition and pay as a profession. Many people out there blogging and doing citizen journalism do it because they are passionate about their topics and they hope to turn their passions into wage paying work. A quick Google search on blogging for pay turned up 124,000,000 results in a scant 19 seconds. Part of the American dream is the idea that you can make a living doing what you love.



  1. Your point about bloggers having a passion for their topic is important to remember. People blog because they have a point of view and want to be heard. That’s very different from paid journalism in which the reporter strives for objectivity.

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