Posted by: acecasanova | November 21, 2011

Ode to McChesney! We the bullied!

As we come to the close of the McChesney era of our academic program I am reminded of this ad created by Apple from 1984.  Ironically, Apple being a large corporate power now, it created one of the most significant and iconic ads in marketing.  To me this advertisement is a representation of all that McChesney has been discussing throughout the course of this book, and in the last few chapters.  The man on the screen represents the current economy of media.  Corporate  media based mind control and public submission.  The colorful young blonde throwing a giant sledgehammer through the screen represents the effect that public broadcasting could have and the riot police in pursuit of said young lady can be taken as deregulation or media policy.  The attempts to trump public broadcasting.

In the final chapters of McChesney I continuously got the image of a movie where large oliogopolistic markets controlled by corporations were the bully, constantly suppressing the genius of the potentially much more powerful, but weaker “nerd” if you will that is public broadcasting.  I feel that the public are constantly controlled, that I have been controlled my whole life by this corporate bully and I’m tired of it.  What I’ve discovered through through the encrypted messages in this book is that the powers at large FEAR us!  We the public have unimaginable power that corporations are afraid of and will do anything to hold us down like the bullies they are!  It’s time to throw a sledgehammer through the screen and take the power back!  Sure there are the informed few of us, but as the message in this class has been all along, it’s time to take a stand and get behind some of the movements of the people like the “Save the internet” movement fighting against SOPA!


Now that you are “informed” and realize you have the power, what will YOU do to change your media consumption and/or inform those around you as to the reality behind media?!

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