Posted by: acecasanova | November 17, 2011

Oh Dear! American Censorship Day

So what I’ve read of this act, granted it’s primary goal is to stop piracy on the internet, it is also the first of many steps of censorship on the internet.  In regards to our previous week’s dose of McChesney, is this a sign that perhaps the internet is not the next democratic frontier?!

According to ABC News as well as all sites who are protesting this bill, it is a violation of US policy advocating internet freedom.

This one is the “Protect-IPA act” being considered.

and this one is SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)


According to Tumblr who has recently joined the opposition to these bills, these are “well intentioned but highly flawed bills” that could affect YOUR internet freedom and rights!

You be the judge!

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