Posted by: rovingrebel | November 14, 2011

Profits VS. People

Maybe it’s because I am an eternal optimist. Or maybe it’s because I am an advocate for myself and others like me (a person with a disability) that I still believe in the trans-formative powers of media- especially participatory media namely the Internet. McChesney seems to want to believe in it too, but the current path of media as a tool for supporting and protecting people as members of a democracy with an equal voice does not look promising to him. This week while working I came across a wonderful example of how media can make complex topics available and accessible to those most in need and interested in the subject at hand.

Research to Practice in Self Determination Issue I came out last week. This journal seeks to research, write about and discuss the best practices to promote and support self determination for individuals with disabilities, particularly those living with developmental disabilities.  To make the articles in this journal accessible to all interested parties the publishing organization produces the content of each article into short videos covering the most salient points in the voice of a self advocate for whom the topics are very real and relevant.

So my questions:

1.How do we convince corporate media, big business and our government that using media in this manner- to educate and encourage participation by everyone is in the long haul best for everyone?

2. How do we as a society move from the acquisition of the dollar as the end all goal and move to a real society wherein everyone is better off for having participated?

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