Posted by: jessica | November 7, 2011

The BBC and CBC

“If a society could have either media or government but not both, the sane choice for people is free media.” – Thomas Jefferson

Click to access How_the_BBC_is_run.pdf

While McChesney enlightens us as to the sorry state of our news system, I think it is imperative that we start looking at solutions to the problem.  Frankly, the problem seems so convoluted and hopeless that we need to shed some light on the future.  McChesney suggests that the BBC and CBC are superior to our existing models, therefore why don’t we look at what makes those models successful in comparison.  The government has some hand in regulating and funding those systems, which Thomas Jefferson would warn us against, but is there something to learn from their example?  Obviously our free-market is not producing a news system that upholds the original call to govern our democracy, so what can we learn from other systems in an effort to build our own unique solution to the problem?

How is NPR and PBS different from the BBC and CBC?

Do you think that some form of government regulation and/or funding is the solution?

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