Posted by: acecasanova | October 24, 2011

The Revolution will NOT be televised!

Though the revolution has changed, the words still stand.  When applied to Robert McChesney’s message about the control of media and the “dig here not there” phenomenon presented by Ben Bagdikian, these words take on a much more literal meaning.  Let us use the most recent historical example, Occupy Wall Street!  Though this has received media coverage, has it received the proper media coverage it deserves?  As for what I have personally seen, I would certainly have to say no.  Why would it?  The very institutions that OWS is protesting are those that own our media coverage.  Now, on top of the message that the media has failed to portray to the masses, they are also failing to cover the even bigger issue, the gross injustices and repression of our freedom and rights.

Yet the people will not be quiet.  Thanks to the multiple platforms of access to social networks and blogs, the message has been delivered.  Through the internet you find videos and links to videos taken with iPhones and pictures taken by bloggers of peaceful and unarmed protesters being manhandled and beaten by police to try and “retain order”.  You can also access a video of a US Marine sergeant standing up to the police and defending the peace of the protest taken by a participant.

Thanks to new forms of media we no longer have to solely rely on television and news programs for our intelligence.  We have the capability to be our own reporters and get our information from the source.  Now the question stands, how will journalists and the papers fight back?  The truths that they fail to cover in depth are slowly coming to light and we no longer look to only them for the truth, so do you continue to “dig here and not there” or do you take a stand for what you believe in?

(Disclaimer: This blog is not a statement on my personal beliefs about the OWS movement.)


1) With increased access to information sources, blogs, home videos, etc. how do you feel major network news broadcasts will react in the future when they come under scrutiny?

2) From an unbiased view, do you feel that Occupy Wall Street has gained the proper media coverage, or do you feel the media is once again “softening” the blow this movement could have on America and the general public?

3) What do you feel Upton Sinclair would have to say about media coverage of recent major events such as the war in Iraq and Occupy Wall Street as well as 9/11 and the Bush Administration?


  1. Edit:

    For an example of the militarization of the police forces surrounding the OWS protests and how blog culture is becoming the new News!

  2. One more link by Les Leopold, the Executive Director of the Labor Institute and Public Health Institute in New York. At one point he states that the media’s solutions to the OWS are “Wonky”.

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