Posted by: rovingrebel | October 23, 2011

Follow the Money, but Only If It doesn’t Come Home Again

It’s hard to follow the maxim of hard hitting journalism to “follow the money” to the real story when:

  • Journalism is owned by six huge conglomerates most of whom are intertwined with each other (according to freepress)
  • The number of reporters is to follow anything is dwindling
  • Following the money leads you to your own backyard

It’s also becomes increasingly hard to follow this simple rule when the only sources reporters have access to (and that the public views as credible) are official spokes people -like us- whose job it is to protect their employers and by extension their own jobs.

One other hurdle that McChesney doesn’t, yet address is the problem of consumers of commercial media simply accepting that the news put in front of them in their 70minute news window is what they need to know to be informed. People are busy and awash in information of all sorts; how are we to know what we don’t know amidst all the din of infotainment?  Our news is full of celebrity, crime, sports, sex, and scandal with the occasional child or animal story to leave us feeling good thrown in.  Yet, we rarely get  updates on the activities of our governments on any level. I can’t remember the last time I opened my local paper or turned on the local tv news or radio and received an update on city council activities, or activities of the day in the state and national legislature. How are we supposed to be active and informed citizenry without this information?

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