Posted by: acecasanova | October 14, 2011

Misogyny and Media

Today as I was doing my usual scan across the internet, I came across a new viral video that is a trailer for a movie I think it would be great to keep an eye out for.

If you click this link, or simply copy and paste it will take you to a video trailer for a film called MissRepresentation.  I feel this film brings up some very interesting and valid points about media and the portrayal of women throughout our society.  So I would like to pose the question;

How has convergence media perpetuated the idea of and increased our exposure to not only misogyny but also other stereotypes having to do with race, religious affiliation, etc.?  Also, do you feel you agree with this video, that it has indeed continued a vicious cycle, or do you feel that this video is wrong and why?

Just some fun discussion stuff mid-week.  😀

EDIT:  Here is the website .

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