Posted by: acecasanova | October 8, 2011

Fun with film

I’m not sure how many of you have seen or have taken the time to check out some of the fan films in this book, but I’ve had some good times looking them up and watching them. Thought I would take the time to contribute and save people searching time.  My favorite so far being one of the first from chapter 4, Troops.  For those of you who have not looked it up, here’s a link.

(Fun with embedding if it works).

Also another oldy but goody!

As for Troops, I am incredibly impressed and slightly befuddled as to how he was able to create such a good amateur film on a $1,200 budget.  The dancing trooper is just for fun.

I found Godzilla vs. Disco Lando slightly amusing, but a large amount of unfortunate potty humor.  Some of the “comedy” in it just felt immature at best.  I still found it amusing and fascinating because stop film animation (I believe that’s what it’s called) is really quite amazing and if done tastefully can be very humorous.  I’m a big Robot Chicken fan.

Godzilla vs Disco Lando.

And for just one more, one of my favorite viral light saber battles.  This one is 6 years old, but will never die as one of the greatest saber battles to ever hit the net.

Just thought I’d share some more Star Wars fun with you all.  If you have any others that are some favorites, by all means post.  I’m a fan of fan made films!


  1. These are fantastic. As a long time Star Wars fan (and yes Lord of the Rings as well) I’m amazed at the sophistication of the films. it’s not just the costumes and authenticity to the story that strikes me. It’s the understanding of how to tell a story through the art of filmmaking. Professional directors are schooled in key skills such as how to storyboard, how to set up shots from wide to medium to close-up, keeping action on one side of the camera, choosing the right shot for maximum emotion, matching action in editing, and avoiding continuity issues. I wonder if the amateur filmmakers actively study how to stage and direct or if they’ve watched so much film and television that they instinctively know how to successfully tell a story on screen.

    This was a learned craft over time. Just look at the very first black and white films. They were just plays on stage shot with a single camera. Then as time passed directors began to understand they had more freedom to vary angles and edit to create pace and emotion. I just watched the classic film “Casablanca,” regarded as one of the greatest films ever made. I was struck by how primitive the filmmaking seemed compared to contemporary films.

    Perhaps we now all share the same visual language in storytelling rooted in a progression of techniques that we all accept on a subconscious level.

  2. You know I often ask myself a similar question as to the learning process. Are these things that people study? I mean I’m sure to an extent amateur directors research techniques, methods, camera angles, and perhaps even which angles can create which emotional reactions. At the same time, I also feel that directing would be one part research, and two parts feeling. I think that’s what make so many films so different and the reason we can connect with them on so many levels. You can research the technical side, but you can’t research the emotion. Emotional response and the ability to draw on one’s feelings is something that can only ever be learned over time. The first person to hold a camera, the first person to make a movie, none of them had a manual or a mentor or anything they could research. They just pointed and shot and magic happened. From there the natural human learning process took it’s course and through trials and tribulations we’ve arrived where we are today. It’s quite fantastic to think about. Great thought Buratti.

  3. I love the Star Wars Cops parody. I used to watch Cops, so I can imagine what it would be like in the world of Star Wars. I am absolutely amazed at how well these videos are produced considering they are made in someon’s bedroom, basement or garage.

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