Posted by: carebear | October 3, 2011

What about me?

First, I have a confession to make.  This is my very first blog post EVER and it has filled me with great anxiety. I can present in front of large groups of people, but I can’t share a short excerpt of my thoughts on the Web???  I will be growing tremendously this term to cope with my new media phobia and will strive to become an avid user of these newfangled technologies.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even start my own blog…

What stood out to me most in this week’s material was the audience segmentation Jenkins wrote about – zappers, casuals and loyals (p. 74) in television and how this segmentation applies to other media, as well. An extreme case of loyals was outlined in his chapter on Survivor.  This really brings home the need for media to be flexible in reach in order to engage various audiences…including me and others like me.  We are not yet active in these multimedia channels, but willing to learn if engaged and if the needed skills are quick and easy to learn.  So, what about the casual social media user?  What do you do to take them to the next level and is it worth the time and money?  How do you make it easy for them and take away the intimidation that comes along with “putting yourself out there?” How do you make me feel safe engaging in this virtual society? Why does it seem so hard?


  1. I completely agree with you Carrie! Hopefully new media (are blogs even new anymore?) will be easy for us in 2 years time! Beth Anne

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