Posted by: sarahbrown90 | June 6, 2011

Skittles Does It Right

Since advertising is one of my focuses, I always appreciate it when a company makes great campaigns. My favorites are always the funny ones because they can make me laugh and they are memorable. Skittles does this for me time after time and because of this it have easily become one of my favorite brands. Most recently Skittles did a Youtube campaign called  “Touch the rainbow.” It involved Youtube videos that asked the viewer to place their finger on the Skittle located on the screen. In each commercial something different would happen. I absolutely love this campaign. It works because it’s interactive, funny, and it’s never been done before. All these things make this campaign sticky, which leaves Skittles in the minds of the consumers. When it comes to advertising and public relations you have to be sticky in order to stand out among the hundreds of other products and companies. It is always helpful to look at what other sticky companies are doing to get inspiration.


Below is one of my favorites from the campaign. If you haven’t seen it yet you need to! Check them all out and tell me which your favorite is.


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