Posted by: Dana Nicholson | June 5, 2011

How to Become a the Intern of Their Dreams

With the school year coming to an end (mine actually ends as soon as I publish this post) many of us will be starting our summer insernships.  I hit the pavement tomorrow morning so I started doing some research on how to survive in the professional world.  Here is the advice I took away:

1. Stay Positive.  No one wants to be know as a buzz-kill. 

2. Don’t be a suck-up.  Although we want to get on good terms with our bosses, being overly eager and clingy will only annoy them and make us seem inexperienced.

3. Network.  Don’t act like a temporary employee and remain unnoticed.  Get to know as many people as you can to maintain contact remain in good graces with the company.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  To the right people.  We are there to learn so it is okay to ask questions, just don’t bother your manager with a question you could ask a co-worker.

5. Find a mentor.  If you feel a connection with someone more experieced than you get to know them, ask them to lunch and pick their brain.  The best way to learn how to survive in your company of choice is to talk to some one who is already doing it.

These are the five pieces of advice I found across several blogs that I think would benefit us the most.  If you want to get more advice, these are my favorite two posts.

Good luck everyone!

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